Rent Rewards & Step Ups

Rent Rewards

You may use up to 26 months of rental payments* toward the purchase of your rental instrument or a brand new student instrument of the same type. When using rental equity to buy a new student instrument, your accumulated rent is applied toward the MSRP of the instrument being purchased. At that point, you will pay the remaining difference between your accrued equity and the MSRP of the instrument in question.

*maintenance fees are not counted as part of the rental payment and will not apply

Please note that when you have passed 26 months, your rental agreement will continue as a standard rental. This means you MUST return the rental to our store to end the agreement. Your 26 months of equity is forfeited upon return of the instrument and does NOT carry on to future rentals.

Step Ups

You may also transfer your equity to a step up instrument of the same type. Please note that the term “step up” is interchangeable with “intermediate” in our industry. Some step up features are as follows…

  • Flute: Solid silver head-joint, open hole configuration, B-foot.

  • Clarinet: Wood body instead of plastic (often Grenadilla).

  • Trumpet: Silver body, upgraded valves and bracing.

  • Trombone: F-attachment, open wrap and more…

  • Saxophone: High F# key, larger bell diameter, engraving, superior construction.

Step up instruments are designed to carry a student through high school, through college and perhaps beyond if so desired. Aside from having a superior instrument, here are some other advantages of our step up program.

  • Balance may be paid over 18 or 36 months worth of payments.

  • You choose from our available instruments rather than us selecting for you.

  • Brand new instruments only.

  • Continue to receive wear-and-tear maintenance coverage (fees apply) though the duration of the agreement.

  • You may return the instrument and end your agreement at any time just as you can with a student rental.